Dance Shows

*** DGC DANCE SHOW 12 ***
Our next dance show is on Sunday 15 October 4pm! Click here to find out more:

We organize our very own DGC Dance Shows in London roughly every six months (usually April & October) – each time putting on a 2.5 hour long student dance showcase with additional guest performers, from solo to group dances and from kpop dance covers to comedy acts. As of May 2017, we’ve held 11 DGC Dance Shows. It’s usually a fairly informal, friendly and relaxed vibe although it’s gradually becoming more “professional” with bigger venues and more seating – the last show had around 200 guests! It’s all about having fun, building confidence and giving people the opportunity to perform on stage in front of an audience.

In the 6-8 weeks leading up to the show, students who learnt the dances from the weekly kpop classes apply for any songs they wish to perform at the show. If a particular song is popular, then there’d be an audition to select dancers. Once selected – it’s time to learn group formations and really fine-tune the details of the choreography during the weekly rehearsals. And of course, we all have need matching outfits with a dress rehearsal thrown in to the mix!

If you’ve always wanted to get up on stage and perform, then performing at DGC is for you!

Come join the dance fun.

If you’ve got some dance experience already and are interested in taking part in a future DGC Dance Show as a guest performer (e.g. solo, group, hip-hop, street dance, Latin, contemporary, ballet or other style), please get in touch.

Here are more performances from past DGC Dance Shows: