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Learn K-Pop dance in London

Welcome to DGC! We teach fun & friendly K-Pop (Korean Pop) dance classes in London, organise student dance showcases and are a growing K-Pop dance community 😀

Kpop dance london DGC 13 rehearsals

Kpop dance london. DGC 12 GOT7 - Just Right

Weekly K-Pop dance classes

We run weekly London K-Pop dance classes teaching choreography from the music videos / dance practices. We have 4 passionate instructors who collectively teach regular weekly K-Pop classes every week day evening. We mostly teach the FULL songs and teach each part of the song multiple times a week. Classes are conveniently located in the City for working professionals and students; and also in Tottenham Court Road.

We are currently teaching: BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears, Mamamoo – Hip, EXO – Obsession and Red Velvet – Psycho in February/March 2020.

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A gateway into dance

Most first-time DGC students are total beginners and completely new to dance. We run Kpop classes in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. Previous dance experience is not necessary; we are inclusive of all levels. Just come along in comfortable clothing and footwear and learn some choreography with moves broken down step by step. The classes are more about having fun and building your self confidence in dance.


Korean pop dance cover. NCT 127 Cherry Bomb

Why you’ll love DGC Dance

Our dancers love the fun, friendly and relaxed DGC community. Learn the latest Kpop dances from passionate and easy to understand instructors. Meet new people who are K-pop fans too. To sum up… we dance, we laugh and then we dance some more!

Opportunity to perform in dance covers

DGC hosts our very own K-Pop dance shows roughly every 6 months with live K-Pop dance cover performances based on songs taught in class. All levels are welcome. If you’ve always dreamed of getting on stage and performing just like your favourite K-Pop artists, then this is your chance to get on the stage!

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DGC Show 12 - Seventeen Very Nice

Kpop dance london. DGC Crew

Join the growing DGC community

Learn the latest choreos every week, meet other K-Pop fans who share the same interests and be part of the DGC family.

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