K-Pop Dance Classes in London

Hello, we are DGC! We are K-Pop dance specialists and the longest running weekly K-Pop dance class (school & community) in London 🙂

With our team of dedicated and fun K-Pop dance instructors, our mission is to share our passion for K-Pop and dance and to connect K-Pop fans in London!

Whether you want to meet other K-pop fans or to unleash the inner idol in you through dance, we hope you enjoy the beginning of K-Pop dance experience and journey and we look forward to meeting you!

What makes us different

  • We are the longest running weekly K-Pop dance school in London (over 10 years!)
  • We have created an amazing community of K-Pop dancers who are very active within DGC
  • We teach the full songs for most of our classes, not just highlight classes
  • Lots of choices for classes; we run classes (almost) every day and there are many days with multiple classes each day
  • We set a maximum capacity limit for all our classes; we don’t overbook spots and give you enough space to dance in the studios
  • Our class locations are super central and convenient (all in Zone 1 of London)
  • We don’t offer refunds but we do offer class credit or transfers to other classes so if you can’t make a class you have booked, as long as you give us 24 hours notice you can make changes to your booking online
  • We run 2 K-pop dance showcases for our students every year
  • We regularly produce student dance covers
  • You can vote and make suggestions for which songs you want to learn next. To participate, please sign up for our mailing list
  • We have an easy to use online booking system that allows you to book multiple classes at a time, including for a friend!
  • If a class is sold out, you can join the waiting list to be notified if a spot becomes available
  • We offer basic dance technique classes to improve your foundations
  • We eat, sleep, K-Pop dance, repeat 😀

What we offer

We specialise in teaching Kpop (Korean pop) dance choreography you see in your favourite K-Pop artist’s YouTube music videos, dance practices, performance videos and live shows:

K-Pop dance courses

Our flagship offering is our (full song) K-Pop Dance Courses where you’ll have the opportunity to learn the full choreography of your favourite K-Pop dances, from start to finish, over a few weeks.

Each week you learn a new part of the song and at the end of the course you’ll dance the whole choreography in our Recap classes (no reteaching, just recap quickly from the top for each part).

Highlight K-Pop dance classes

In between full song courses, you can also join us at our Highlight K-Pop Classes which focus on the main part or a specific section / highlight of a song, e.g. the chorus or the dance break.

Class format

After the introduction, we warm you up with some basic moves or light cardio followed by stretches.

Your instructor will teach you the dance in bite-sized chunks (e.g. 1-2 counts of 8) – both showing and explaining the moves to counts and/or the music. Each section is drilled starting from a slower speed (e.g. 80%), gradually working our way up to tempo (100%).

Then at the end once all the sections are taught, we’ll put all of it together and dance everything learnt in class that day!

We do allow opportunity for you to film yourself in class and we film group class videos to share on social media. Taking part in the filming is optional, however we do encourage it so you can track your progress and see where to improve for next time.

Repeat classes

Did you miss a part of the song? Do you want to learn a specific section one more time to really drill it in? Don’t worry! We teach each part multiple times over a 2 week period (a.k.a. repeat classes) so you have more choices of class dates to suit your needs.

We also run back-to-back K-Pop classes, e.g. Part 1 & Part 2 on the same evening, so you can make the most of your evening dancing like a K-Pop idol!

When and where are the classes?

We teach K-Pop dance classes in Central London (Zone 1) on most weekday evenings between 6.30pm-8.30pm and have recently started some weekend classes.

Our main teaching venue is conveniently located 1 minute away from Tottenham Court Road station (Northern, Central & Elizabeth lines). We also teach south of the river in Southwark (near Southwark, Waterloo, Blackfriars & London Bridge stations). And for you city folk or students, we have some classes in the City (the financial district) near Bank, Mansion House, Aldgate, Liverpool Street & St Paul’s area.

Currently we teach every week on these dates, times & locations:


Class locations

We teach at various studio venues in London including the following:

YMCA Club, 112 Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3NQ

Fitness4Less Southwark, 23-29 Great Suffolk Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0UE

Fitness First Fenchurch Street, 106 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 5JE

Fitness First Queen Victoria Street, 95 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4HN

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How much are K-Pop dance classes?

Most of our classes are 2 hours long and cost £18.

If we run shorter classes, they would be equivalent to £9 per hour, i.e. 1 hour class = £9, 1h 15m class = £11.25, 1h 30m class = £13.50, 1h 45m class = £15.75.

Who can attend?

Our classes are open to everyone aged 16 and over, from beginners to improvers to intermediate. K-Pop fans who are interested in learning their favourite dances are especially welcome!

Most students have no previous dance experience whatsoever so don’t worry if you’ve never danced before 🙂

Our students come from a very diverse background – many different nationalities, students to professionals of all ages (from 16 to 35+) and industries, from beginners with zero experience to those who used to dance when they were younger and are now looking to get back into dance – however they all share the same love for K-pop!

There are usually between 15 – 25 students per class in a medium to large sized studio, however there could be more for really popular classes like BTS, Stray Kids, or Blackpink. Classes do sell out quickly for popular songs so remember to sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know when online bookings are released.

We’ve been teaching weekly K-Pop classes since 2013. Over the years, our membership or “K-Pop dance club” has been growing steadily as more K-Pop fans discover our Korean pop dance classes. We’ve taught hundreds of students since we started! We even have some DGC-ers who love the community so much they have danced with us for over 6 years. Come join the fun!

K-Pop dance covers & showcases

We run regular DGC Dance Shows, our bi-annual student showcase with live kpop dance cover performances and film and produce dance cover MVs (music videos). You’ll have the opportunity to take part if you attend class.


What students have said about our London K-Pop dance classes:

I love KPOP and have always been inspired by dancers. When I came across DGC Dance which teaches KPOP dance choreography, this felt like a perfect opportunity for me to try it out for myself! Being part of the DGC Community since May 2014, it’s allowed me to develop my passion for dance, meet new friends, take part in the DGC Dance Show and keep fit at the same time! 🙂 Thank you Dickie!! – Karyan

It’s fun and I’ve met so many wonderful people through DGC Dance. Another thing I love is that everyone who wants to be involved, can be involved. You don’t have to be a pro. If you want to dance, you just have to come along. Everyone’s welcome in the growing DGC community. – Becky

DGC is not a place where you just come to dance. It’s a place where you can be who you want to be, where your confidence level increases on a mad level hehe, where you learn kpop choreographies while having fun, where you meet new people with same interest and where you have a teacher who will always make you feel comfortable and part of a team! DGC FIGHTING! ^_^ – Lida

DGC provides a great platform to learn K-pop dance. Dickie is passionate about dancing and is a great teacher! The energy in the studio is always fun and everyone is really friendly! We have DGC Dance Show roughly every 6 months and it’s one of the best bits for me because we all get to come together as a team and perform the songs we have been taught to an audience! So… basically if you want to have fun, meet new people, get some exercise or just learn new dance moves then I would definitely recommend DGC! – Richa

I’ve always wanted to dance but I never got round to do so as I’ve never had a group I can feel comfortable with and open up to, especially when it comes to dancing. But then I found these lot; DGC has changed my life. I’ve always been shy and lacked confidence in myself but here I am now, having the time of my life socialising and dancing with an amazing community. I’d suggest to anyone to come round and give it a try. – Tim

Convinced you can’t dance? Come to a DGC dance class. I went to one telling myself “Just this once”. A year on and I’m still going! I never imagined I’d eventually have the guts to perform in shows – or that I’d make such great friends. DGC’s easy-going teacher and welcoming crowd make it easier to forget about being shy, and to just have fun while you build confidence. – Natasha

What I love about DGC is how nice and friendly everyone is. From asking suggestions on which dance to teach next to checking our schedules for planning outings, Dickie always makes us feel part of the team. And he is VERY patient – a good trait for a teacher.:) I DGC because DGC teaches kpop dance and I love, LOVE kpop. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I could get kpop classes in London (Thanks, Google!) – Angelina

I want to join class. How do I book?

We teach K-Pop classes every weekday evenings. Click the below link to view our current class schedule to see what songs we are teaching now and next!


View the class schedule using the link above or if you’re ready to book, click the BOOK NOW button below. You’ll be able to choose which classes you want to attend and pay online.


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