Community Q&A: What advice would you give someone coming to a DGC Dance K-Pop class for the first time?

You never forget your first dance class at somewhere new: maybe you’ve travelled quite a way, or you’ve seen the date draw closer on your calendar. It might fill you with intense excitement, or you might still feel some pre-class nerves. Either way, tips from dancers who have been through the same experience may be enough to calm any fears you may have or point you in the direction of how to have the best time.

Here are our top tips from our DGC Dance community for everyone coming to dance class for the first time!

My Pace – Stray Kids K-Pop dance class in London

1. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

At DGC, you can be sure other dancers will share at least two of your interests: dance and K-Pop! Everyone is encouraged to relax and simply give the choreography their best attempt. As BTS’ J-Hope says: “Just Dance!” – everyone is there to learn the same dance as you, and you’ll get the most out of the class if you try your best and have fun!

2. Don’t be shy to dance (nobody is watching)

A common fear is worrying about what others think of your dancing, but everyone is  focusing on the steps being taught and how they can do better themselves which means you don’t need to worry – no one is judging you or seeing your mistakes.

Even if you’ve never danced before, many people say they find themselves improving a lot quicker than anticipated with practice. This is mostly because you don’t need to worry about nailing the choreography in class, simply being shown the individual dance steps often helps to give an indication of what to do. You will find it easier to practice your favourite dances while enjoying the music and having fun.

3. Don’t be afraid to say hello 😊

The welcoming atmosphere at DGC makes it easy to let loose and make some friends. The shared interests of everyone there makes conversation easy to come by – even such as asking whose bias someone is in a group! Though it may seem intimidating at first, everyone is friendly, and you are likely to enjoy the classes more often if you know a few people there. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversation with others; if you’re open-minded and up for making new friends, everyone will welcome you. Even the teachers will chat to you at the end or in a break, and sometimes a simple “Hi!” can make others feel just as welcome. Getting to know other K-Pop fans is great, and even better if you manage to spot any at your favourite concerts! Recognising someone at such an event makes the whole experience better, as you get to see someone you know enjoying themselves just as much as you!

Jennie – Solo K-Pop dance class

4. Practice makes perfect

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, and often going over the dance will help you feel more at ease and knowledgeable about the steps. This is not to say that you should know the dance fully before you come, but simply paying attention to the steps the dancers are doing (which you can see most easily in a mirrored dance practice video) may help you feel more ready for a class. While some people like to learn the dances before they come, don’t be alarmed if you haven’t picked things up as quickly – the videos uploaded to the DGC YouTube channel of each section are a great way to see what you have covered. If you still feel nervous about coming, consider attempting one class to see how it goes, and it’s more than likely that from there you’ll want to attend more.

5. Ask questions

Asking for help is easy enough as the teachers always offer to answer any questions, and if you are confused about something, don’t be scared to ask – chances are you’re not the only one who needs clarification. If there’s a section you’re still finding you can’t pick up try not to let it get to you, do the parts you can and go over that part when you next have free time. People often make mistakes and that’s okay, after all, you’re there to come and learn!

6. Wear comfortable clothing

On a practical note, the best advice for a first class is to wear comfortable clothing! Also feel free to wear layers that you’ll be able to take off: you’ll frequently find yourself getting quite hot and sweaty amongst all the fun.

Make sure you wear appropriate shoes – though some idols wear shoes like loafers these are not very helpful! Often a comfortable trainer is best, and you’ll find them much easier to move and dance about in. Though each class does a warm-up at the start, stretching can also really help so your muscles don’t take a hit the next day.

7. Bring water

The dance studios do have water fountains, we still recommend that it’s usually easier to bring your own water bottle with you, so you won’t be stood panting in a queue for it during drink breaks.

Join us at DGC Dance and give it a go!

First classes are a unique experience, yet at DGC the sense of community and open advice you can get from others make the classes lively and like none other. From having attentive teachers to joining the whole class laughing, it’s an easy place to make friends who share the same hobbies as you and are seeking to have just as much fun too.

Another K-Pop session for Stray Kids – My Pace!

Written by Abigail Theaker

Abi has been going to DGC since December 2018 – her first class was My Pace by Stray Kids! 😊 If you see her in class, be sure to chat to her if you share her love for BTS, Monsta X and NCT (and also Amber Liu from f(x)!). When she’s not following the latest K-Pop, Abi keeps up with the latest on the National Hockey League and Formula 1.