Community Q&A: Lockdown edition & dream role as an idol (May 2020)

We recently asked the below questions to our DGC community and here are some of the answers. Enjoy reading and thank you to those who took part! 😀

Q: How have you been spending your time during the lockdown?

“Animal crossing, skipping and running.” – SN

“Mon-thurs get up-eat-write-eat-sleep Fri: get up-dance-danced too much and couldn’t sleep” – Camdensonghyekyo

“Trying to learn Boy Meets Evil. Eating lots of food. Learning Mandarin” – Jen

“Learning choreo, playing Animal Crossing, learning Korean from TTMIK, and video calling with friends” – L.Grace

“Watching loads of korean dramas and learning Japanese.” – Marta A.

“Painting garden gnomes” – Rachel J

“Teaching myself K-Pop choreographies like Chung Ha Stay Tonight 🙂 and studying hard at Korean in preparation for uni!” – Em Braddock

“Working/reading/cooking” – Anonymous

“Looking for a job after I lost mine… extra sigh” – MS

“I have been working from home and, on the weekends, working on fixes around the house/garden” – Christa

“Working” – AJ

“Lots of reading and painting 🙂 I’d like to do more dance, but it’s hard to find motivation” – Sara I

“Painting, listening to music, playing games and exercising” – Sarah

“Binging shows on Netflix and exercising” – Mariana Bessa

“Study and play games :(” – JW

“Learned K-pop choreographies (Jumper by Cravity!) and buying/selling turnips in Animal Crossing” – Saskiana

“I work in retail so I have been working, but besides that I have been watching a lot of anime and then of course danced with DGC!” – Matilda Bjorklund

“Writing, reading, working and a ton of online courses haha” – Kerry Baptiste

“Work, online dance classes, walks, watch TV and I watch a lot of YouTube videos mainly dance related.” – Anonymous

“Not very productive, just studying” – Kara

“Practicing and improving my dancing, going through old routines, working out, having bbqs in the garden with my parents :)” – Alicia

“Animal Crossing, looking forward to the next DGC class” – Bad Dancer Anon 😂

“Still working (thankfully!), dancing, working out, watching kpop content. Not really too different from normal, only instead of screaming with my friends in person we’re screaming over Zoom/Whatsapp” – KCON

“Still unemployed so cooking, baking, paint by numbers, tidying the flat :P” – Anonymous

“Working from home, snacking too much and playing animal crossing” – Alex H

“Shopping, gaming and eating!” – Sarah Y

“Playing a lot of Animal Crossing and Just Dance on my Switch, cooking a lot of new and elaborate meals … that’s about it!” – Becca

“Dancing, crocheting, drawing, learning Korean and working” – Sam A

“Working + doing online dance classes + studying Korean.” – Jessy

“Learning some dances on my own, doing auditions, learning Korean and trying to achieve a full leg split.” – Larissa

“Gardening, music theory, dancing, schoolwork” – Georgia

“Walking in the park, sleep, Netflix, lots of BTS content :)” – Chloe

“Taking dance classes, learning KPOP choreo on my own, having Zoom dance practices to go over the things we learn in class (as most people I know can’t remember the choreo we learn in class so we have to go over it!), working!” – Emma Boynton

“Dancing, Studying and Eating aha” – ED

Q: If you could get a new skill during the lockdown, what would it be?

“I’m learning to read and write Korean” – SN

“Freestyle dancing skill maybe- but I can’t” – Camdensonghyekyo

“Fluency in Mandarin!” – Jen

“To re-learn how to figure skate” – L.Grace

“Being a bit better at Japanese.” – Marta A.

“Would like to learn a new language” – Rachel J

“I wish I could play the piano :(” – Em Braddock

“Being able to speak Korean” – Anonymous

“Drawing, and I’m getting pretty good” – MS

“Know how to diy furniture and builds in your home” – Christa

“Rapping!” – AJ

“Move my Japanese to fluent, maybe. Or, does getting a six pack count as a skill?” – Sara I

“Get more flexible” – Saskiana

“Be better at picking up choreo – to become a lot quicker at it!” – Matilda Bjorklund

“To be able to communicate in Korean at least vaguely” – Kerry Baptiste

“Learn Korean” – Anonymous

“Drawing” – Kara

“Dancing better” – Alicia

“Download a second language into my brain” – Bad Dancer Anon 😂

“I’d love to be able to learn dances by watching videos but it’s no use :D” – KCON

“Being better at cooking” – Anonymous

“Maybe pottery” – Alex H

“Teleportation, so I can teleport to all the now empty tourist sights and teleport out before the securities kick me out” – Sarah Y

“Well I really should be using the time to study Korean because my class has been cancelled until at least October so … if I could magically become fluent in Korean that would be great haha” – Becca

“Drawing webtoons” – Sam A

“Flexibility/strength. I’d like a class that gets dance basics/stretching so I can prep for kpop class if y’all ever think of offering something like that.” – Jessy

“To speak Korean fluently” – Larissa

“Kpop dancing” – Georgia

“Calligraphy” – Chloe

“Just improving on dancing” – Emma Boynton

“Doing Martial Arts” – ED

Q: If you were in an idol group, what role(s) would you (like to) have and why? 🙂

“Lead dancer because that’s what I enjoy the most when it comes to Kpop, destroying the stage ;)” – SN

“Lead rapper lol” – Camdensonghyekyo

“Noona 😂” – Jen

“Lead rapper, dad jokes and full of puns :)” – L.Grace

“Lead dancer as I love dancing very much!” – Marta A.

“Lead dancer” – Rachel J

“Leader and main vocal :)” – Em Braddock

“Main rapper because rapping is fun and I’m actually pretty good at it! Then I could compete on Good Girl ;)” – Anonymous

“Lead vocal” – MS

“Lead vocal because I feel like I sing better than I dance lol” – Christa

“Lead vocals!” – AJ

“Oh, tough question… I’m not sure. I think I’d love to have the swag and ability to be a rapper, with some decent dance skills,like Taeyong or Mark(NCT). Would be cool to play a big composing role, like Yoongi (BTS). Hard to picture!” – Sara I

“Dancer and vocal (which is impossible, I cant sing)” – JW

“The cute (but possibly secretly evil) maknae (🌼❛ ֊ ❛„) (which I already am ^ω^)” – Saskiana

“Hahaha, perhaps Leader and then lead rapper. Majority of my biases falls within these positions – don’t know why, it just happens! ^^” – Matilda Bjorklund

“Lead rapper would be fun” – Kerry Baptiste

“Lead dancer and vocalist, but pretty sure I don’t have the talent for that 🙂 Maybe leader as that is related to my day job.” – Anonymous

“Main/lead dancer because I love dancing! Being a rapper would be fun too” – Kara

“Lead dancer if i had jimins skills haha” – Alicia

“Lead rapper 😌” – Bad Dancer Anon 😂

“Main vocal / mood maker” – KCON

“Main vocal cos I think my singing is semi decent and without them the group would be in trouble” – Anonymous

“I’d probably be the short goofy one” – Alex H

“Face of the Group/Visual (why not XD, just dreaming). Main dancer.” – Sarah Y

“Lead rapper – I can’t sing but I can rap (sort of … not in Korean though…) and I don’t want the pressure of being main rapper haha. also almost all my biases are rappers so it seems like the obvious choice :)” – Becca

“Dancer and fake maknae” – Sam A

“Leader” – Jessy

“Main dancer lead vocal because I love to sing and dance so that way I can do both and contribute well to the group.” – Larissa

“Sub vocal – not centre of attention” – Georgia

“Oldest!” – Chloe

“Leader because I’m usually the one teaching people choreo and leading dance practices/rehearsals and making sure everyone has a balance of messing around and practicing and maknae because I’m usually the youngest and if I’m not then I’m always the smallest 😂” – Emma Boynton

“Lead dancer/singer because those are my passion. Or the maknae :’)” – ED

Thank you for reading!

That’s it for this edition of our community Q&A! If you have any suggestions for questions we should ask, please send them in using our contact page.