DGC Dance Cover: BTS – Anpanman

DGC are back with another ‘Super’ music video cover! (see what we did there?)

One afternoon in June, 10 of DGC’s dancers took to the streets to treat the general public to an eye-catching performance of ‘Anpanman’ by BTS. It’s filmed in various locations in Central London, featuring iconic sights such as red phone boxes and buses in Piccadilly Circus and Union Jack flags blowing in the wind on The Mall. This dance cover video is an explosion of sharp moves and great energy, and the cloudy skies turned out to be a great setting for the dancers’ blinding neon look!

With some of DGC’s most energetic and crazy dancers involved in the cover, there was an abundance of laughs during rehearsals and on the day of the shoot. Finding this energy usually involved a pre-rehearsal warm up of playing a random K-Pop song (such as ‘Cat and Dog’ by TXT) as loud as they could in order to dance, let loose and hype themselves up! Rehearsals were so enjoyable as they are all huge BTS fans, so their main goal was to do the song and the fun routine justice. We think they did!

A big thank you goes out to Dickie Wong for being both a great instructor/coordinator (and somewhat of a parental figure to his 10 crazy new kids) and thank you to Keenan Lam for filming and editing the music video. Alongside the dancers – Emma, Jordan, Sam, Veronika, James, Deborah, Kerri, Jess, Sophie and Sara – they made a superhero team to be reckoned with. 

I had the pleasure of being in this dance – I’m the one in the handmade blue hoodie! (The design process is another story for another post…) If I had to sum up my experience on the day of the shoot, it would be that I had no idea we’d be questioned by the police.

Yes, for a brief moment in time, we were genuinely concerned we would be arrested in the name of DGC Dance and BTS as a police car circled our group – turns out, they just wanted to know why we were wearing such bright clothing on The Mall. Probably a fair question, really. They ended up staying to watch us film and said that we did a great job, so I think this means we’re endorsed by the emergency services!

We filmed the music video after BTS blessed us with their inflatable wonderland during ‘Anpanman’ at Wembley Stadium. Naturally, we petitioned for a bouncy castle in the music video dance cover, but in the interest of health and safety and nobody breaking an ankle, we decided to change the choreography instead. As an ode to the craziness that happened on stage, we switched our ending to running down the street like our very own BTS catwalk, along with going crazy at the end. This all led to us seeing some questionable looks from concerned onlookers, but I think it turned out great!

We also took a trip to a playground to film some shots on a childrens boat in lieu of a bouncy castle, but we maybe got a bit carried away playing… Sadly the footage didn’t make it into the final cut, but we definitely had fun!

This experience encapsulated some of the best things about dancing at DGC – learning new routines, meeting new people, making friends with people you might never have spoken to and making the best memories. (and occasionally, you might get to go down a slide. That’s a plus too.)

If you want to live your superhero dreams like we did, then check out DGCs upcoming classes here. Who knows, you could be dressing up on the streets of London soon!

Fun fact: At the time of writing this post, the Anpanman Music Video has a staggering 28,000 views, making it the most viewed cover (so far)! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to know about our exciting upcoming releases.

Written by Jessica Tansley

Jess is the token Northerner of DGC and professional ‘fan chanter’, after learning every fanchant for DGC15 and shouting them louder than the music… When she’s not in class or talking about her love for Jungkook (BTS), Jihyo (Twice) and Chung Ha, you’ll find her twirling her way through a Disney theme park in a polka dot dress, arranging a Cappella music and on Instagram at @Jiehsikahhh