DGC Dance Cover: Jennie – Solo

One hot summer day in June, seven of DGC Dance’s sassiest women took to Jackson’s Lane in North London to film a music video cover of ‘Solo’. Sung by Blackpink’s very own Jennie, the song is all about confidence – the confidence found in leaving a bad relationship, confidence in believing in yourself, having more confidence in yourself. Alongside their slick formations and sharp moves, confidence is definitely what we’re given by every single dancer in this video.

The setting chosen for this cover is a dance studio that’s in a grade II listed building, formerly a Methodist church. It’s reminiscent of the stately home where Jennie shot the performance version of her music video. Personally, we can’t tell the difference between the real deal and our cover – see for yourself!

With a mix of DGC Dance veterans and newcomers in the group (Ania, Annabelle, Elaine, Grace, Karen, Mengyi and Yutian), directed by Caroline and filmed and edited by Keenan Lam, everyone brought their A-Game and produced a performance and cover video that Jennie herself would be proud of. Check it out below and see for yourself!

Annabelle, who performed in this DGC dance cover, told us all about the behind-the-scenes of what went into the music video, and the trials & tribulations that may occur when planning an outfit worthy of a K-Pop star.

‘When deciding on costumes, red, black and white was initially what came to mind when thinking about Jennie’s song as her music video included these colours. We wanted to try and alternate between each other (such as different shirt and corset colours) to make our group look uniform while having our individual flare. I really like how these turned out, as everyone’s costumes were unique but still have that Jennie vibe!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the rehearsal for the music video so the shoot day was my first time dancing with the group since we performed at the showcase. I did feel a bit nervous when we began, but once I started to dance with the girls again I felt as if we were back in rehearsals for the showcase! They are all amazing dancers which made me feel more at ease and if I had any questions they were always happy to answer.

The hardest part about shooting the cover was not having any markings on the floor like we do in rehearsals which help to make sure you’re in the right formations, although after a few takes we had adjusted. Despite the corsets looking so good, they’re quite hard to rehearse in for an extended amount of time, and combining this with the heat on the day, it was very challenging at times!

Overall it was an amazing experience dancing with the girls and learning from each other. I would definitely do it again because, even though this is only my second music video with DGC Dance, I’ve already met so many new people and I feel my confidence in dancing has grown so much.’

If you want to join the DGC Dance community and shine just like Jennie, check out the website for upcoming classes here.

Fun fact: This is DGC’s second music video cover of a female group/solo artist alongside ‘Latata’. I hear there may be more coming soon. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel!

Written by Jessica Tansley

Jess is the token Northerner of DGC and professional ‘fan chanter’, after learning every fanchant for DGC15 and shouting them louder than the music… When she’s not in class or talking about her love for Jungkook (BTS), Jihyo (Twice) and Chung Ha, you’ll find her twirling her way through a Disney theme park in a polka dot dress, arranging a Cappella music and on Instagram at @Jiehsikahhh