DGC Dance Cover: Monsta X – Shoot Out

What would your reaction be if you walked into Waterloo station’s Costa at 8am on a Bank holiday Monday morning and you came across seven people dressed in bright red boiler suits and combat boots, some of them fashioning gun holsters, leather gloves, chains and S&M masks? You can imagine how many weird looks the DGC dancers filming Shoot Out received throughout the day. From confused passers-by stopping the dancers to ask what they were doing to security guards shooing them away mistaking the dancers for potential protesters, the group faced it all but still managed to deliver an amazing performance.

The video’s artistic black and white shots along with the powerful choreo and charisma of the DGC dancers make it a great cover of Monsta X’s Shoot Out. Thanks to the great filming and editing of Keenan Lam, the amazing dancing of Alessandro, Ash, Chenni, Eugenija, Kerry, Tom and Zoe, and directing by the one and only Mr. DGC himself, Dickie, this video ended up being a great addition to the DGC dance covers.

Watch the full video here:

A few key highlights:

• Tom’s commitment to the open chest boiler suit even in the freezing weather just to offer us the amazing visuals
• Zoe’s blue hair that would occasionally turn her into a smurf and would require some de-blueing from the rest of the team
• Eugenija’s S&M mask (I wonder if she bought it in person) that definitely attracted some weird stares from bystanders
• Kerry’s badass gun holsters that she forgot to take off even on her way back home and probably attracted a lot of attention (legend has it she still wears them at auditions to scare the competition)

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Written by Veronica Morfi

V, a regular member of DGC Dance for over 3 years, is known as DGC’s “team investigator” because she is the go-to person who knows everything about everything and everyone in DGC. 🙂 When V is not dancing at DGC she is most likely playing Dungeons & Dragons or stalking idol groups online while doing her day job where she is known as Dr. V (PhD, not the medical type). She performed her first DGC Dance shows in dance covers of GOT7 ‘Hard Carry’ and Infinite ‘The Eye’. You can find her on Instagram at @veronicamorfi or you can come dance with her at the latest DGC classes!