Community Q&A: K-Pop Biases, Ultimate Biases & Bias Wreckers (August 2020)

Read on to find out who are the most popular biases within the DGC community, including ultimate biases and bias wreckers XD

Q: Who are your biases?


V from BTS was the top bias! Followed by Jimin and Suga in joint second.

Top biases
1. V / Taehyung (BTS)
2. Jimin (BTS)
2. Suga (BTS)
4. Bangchan (Stray Kids)
5. Mingi (ATEEZ)


“Park Jimin” – Mariana

“Baekhyun, Yongguk, SEONGHWA, Mingi, Jonghyun, Jin, Jhope, Zelo, Jennie, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Ten, Mark, Lucas… I could be here all day” – Sab

“All of Monsta X, all of Cravity, Winwin, many more.” – Sas

“Suga (BTS), Rosé (BlackPink), Mina (Twice) and Wendy (Red Velvet)!” – Emma

“My main ones are (if I did all groups it would be too long💀) Taehyung and RM from BTS and then Mingi and San from ATEEZ.” – E Smith

“RM,Hyungwon,JB,St Van” – Anonymous

“V from Bts 😁” – SC

“Kim Jae Joong, Hyun Bin, ATEEZ” – Sarah Yu

“Chaeyoung from Twice, Yeri from Red Velvet, Lisa from Blackpink, LE from Exid, all of Mamamoo” – Tara

“Ten” – Amanda

“Jungkook, Jaehyun, SUHO, Jinyoung (GOT7), Minho, S.Coups” – EM

“SUGA, Chanyeol” – Luce

“V – BTS” – Emily Ch’ng

“Bangchan (Stray Kids), Taehyung (BTS), Hakyeon (VIXX), Yuchan (A.C.E) and Vernon (Seventeen)” – Emma B

“Choi Yeonjun – TXT
Park Jimin – BTS
Im Chankyun – Monsta X
Kim Hongjoong – ATEEZ
Hirai Momo – Twice
To name but a few” – Mrs A

“MY biases are BTS all members” – MK

“BTS OT7, Jisung and Chan (Stray kids), San and Wooyoung (Ateez), Yooheyon (Dreamcatcher), Woozi (Seventeen)” – Matilda

“yoongi (BTS); hongjoong/mingi (ATEEZ); jooheon (monsta x); vernon/woozi/minghao (seventeen); felix / bangchan (stray kids); hwasa (mamamoo)” – Becca W

“Jungkook – BTS, Kai – EXO, Bangchan – Stray kids” – Asha

“BTS – Jin and V, EXO – Xiumin.” – Anonymous

“I am the definition of multi group stan… too many to count lol” – Maria

“BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) but ot7, Mamamoo’s Solar and Wheein, Got7’s Jackson Wang” – Anonymous

“Irene (Red Velvet), Mina (Twice), Sua (Dreamcatcher), Taeil (NCT), Xiumin (EXO), Jimin (BTS), Yunho (TVXQ), Taeyeon, Chungha, Kang Daniel, Miyeon (G-IDLE), DK (Seventeen), Eunbi (IZ*ONE), Chaeryeong (ITZY)” – Daniel

“Big Bang- G Dragon, BTS- Jimin” – Chloe

“All of mamamoo (I cant choose), VIXX Ken, Up10tion Sunyoul” – Lauren

“Suga from BTS” – Larissa

“Wendy, Chungha, Ailee, Jisoo, Hyolyn, Tiffany” – Alex L

Q: Who is your ultimate bias? (And why?)


Suga was hands down the most popular ultimate bias!

Top ultimate biases
1. Suga (BTS)
2. Hyungwon (Monsta X)
2. Jimin (BTS)
2. Jungkook (BTS)
2. Shownu (Monsta X)
2. V (BTS)


“Park Jimin” – Mariana

“Baekhyun since his debut! He pulls off any concept and has improved his dancing so much! His voice was always perfect anyway.” – Sab

“All of Monsta X, they are the most hardworking, talented, funny, and humble men in existence with the most amazing stage presence and charisma. They love and care for their fans so much as well ♡” – Sas

“Suga from BTS! He has a really gentle and humble personality but he’s also so funny and hardworking! The fact that he’s more reserve but caring (and also immensely talented) makes me really drawn to him!” – Emma

“I honestly cannot pick one.” – E Smith

“Hyungwon from Monsta X takes the cherry on top. Why? I’m still trying to figure it, lets say that his eyes are my downfall.” – Anonymous

“Kim Jae joong. I’ve liked him since 2006!!!” – Sarah Yu

“Chaeyoung from Twice because she is extremely versatile (people who have seen her on Sixteen will know), but is sadly often underused within the group.
I can’t pick my favourite member in Mamamoo (my favourite group) because they all impress me in their own unique way.” – Tara

“Ten. Great dancer, great personality, great voice.” – Amanda

“Jungkook, my first ever bias. The visuals, the dancing, the aegyo!” – EM

“SUGA – lyricism, music production, performance, attitude, all simply perfection” – Luce

“BTS’s V / Taehyung because other than being utterly gorgeous and talented, he’s so quirky and goofy. He has the most beautiful sultry singing voice and his love for animals, especially his doggy Tannie, is just sooo adorable!” – Emily Ch’ng

“Bangchan from Stray Kids! I don’t think I can give a short answer but I can try! He chose the members of Stray Kids and always has a hand in composing, producing and lyric writing with most if not all of Stray Kids’ songs which, to me, shows how dedicated he is as an artist and as a leader. He will always put his members first and it shows in everything he does. He does weekly Vlive’s where he answers fans questions and helps them if they’re feeling anxious or upset or down. He has such a good heart and is someone I aspire to be like” – Emma B

“Yeonjun – TXT = the list is extensive
Visuals/Dance/Rap/Voice/Cute/Extra/Attention seeking/Furry 🤣😎” – Mrs A

“My ultimate bias is JIMIN of BTS because he is an amazing performer.” – MK

“Namjoon from BTS – I really admire his creativity and compassion. His solo album “mono” is so near and dear to my heart and I think he is such a talented and well-rounded artist. He inspires me everyday. :)” – Matilda

“YOONGI – for so many reasons, but his music brings me comfort and i relate to him in a lot of ways. he’s an incredibly talented rapper/producer/songwriter and i also find it inspiring that he started out as a trainee absolutely not wanting to dance but he worked really hard at it and is now very good (so there’s always hope for me…)” – Becca W

“Jungkook – the one I feel most relatable to. (Slightly introverted, love trying new things, pick up skills quickly)” – Asha

“BTS-Jin, the way he cares for others (regardless if they are ARMY), his sense of humor (from dad jokes to savage one liners) & determination /hard work (always working behind the scenes to improve).” – Anonymous

“Shownu from MX because well because he looks like a really really nice person and really down to earth and he is so good at everything he does and have you seen the man? Well forever single because of him >.<” – Maria

“BTS V – his unique personality, great facial expression when performing and optimism” – Anonymous

“Irene of Red Velvet because she is an incredible dancer (watch the Naughty or Monster choreo if you dont believe me) she’s also an underrated singer. Plus she’s hilarious and loves ironing!!!” – Daniel

“G Dragon: superstar quality on stage but shy off stage, talented, knows what direction he wants his art to go, legend, cute smile, great style, what got me into kpop <3” – Chloe

“VIXX Ken: He’s very nice to everyone, thoughtful, generous, every member loves him a lot, extremely funny, has a very captive personality, a talented main vocal and actor. Is always striving to improve his skills yet is unapologetically himself. Also is very handsome and is the reason why one of the members (Hongbin) auditioned to become an idol.” – Lauren

“Suga because he’s very open minded. He accepts people for who they are whether they are similar or different to him. He’s brave enough to make himself vulnerable in the eyes of the public by sharing personal things about himself and his mental health and he also works incredibly hard but not only that, he’s eager to learn new things and doesn’t let that be just a thought or a want, he actually puts it into action. He has a very calming and understanding aura as well. He’s very aware of the people around him and is very good at listening not just with his ears but with his whole body which makes him very perceptive. He’s incredibly kind, he just wants to help people and make the world a better place. He’s not perfect but he makes a conscious effort to be the best version of himself that he can be and that’s all anyone can do.” – Larissa

“Chungha, I love soloists and strong women who can wreck the scene just by themselves” – Alex L

Q: Who are your bias wreckers? (And why?)


The golden maknae of BTS, Jungkook, stole the most hearts followed by V / Taehyung.

Top bias wreckers
1. Jungkook (BTS)
2. V / Taehyung (BTS)
3. Jimin (BTS)
3. RM / Namjoon (BTS)
3. Suga / Yoongi (BTS)


“Park Jimin With orange hair! He bias wreckers himself :)” – Mariana

“Wooyoung from Ateez, did you see that hair?! Also the rest of BTS that I didn’t name above, for obvious reasons.” – Sab

“All of Monsta X??? 😅” – Sas

“Namjoon because he’s wildly intelligent but also endearingly clumsy and chaotic! Plus similar to Yoongi he’s kind and humble and I think that’s goes for all of BTS and one of the reason people love them so much for their humble and kind personalities (While also still knowing how to be silly and shave fun!)” – Emma

“From BTS I think it has to be J-Hope because I can really respect how he said that his stage name shaped him as a person and how he isn’t truly all smiles and sunshine 100% of the time, I can appreciate his persona. From ATEEZ I think Hongjoong and Wooyoung, Hongjoong because I really like leaders because of how much they do for the group and HJ’s work ethic has my utmost respect, then Wooyoung just because of his crackhead and chaotic energy – it’s just makes him so loveable.” – E Smith

“This list keep changing depending on situation, but I would say the rest of Monsta X mostly, Bambam, Yugyeom, JK” – Anonymous

“everyone good looking” – Sarah Yu

“Jihyo from Twice because her talent and stage presence really sparkles through.” – Tara

“JaeBeom, his song writing and visuals have strong bias wrecking potential!” – EM

“Baekhyun, Suho and D.O. are too talented I can’t handle it. Also V’s perm was a real gift” – Luce

“Possibly Jungkook because he’s also so good-looking and talented and I respect his efforts to improve his English, but also Jin because he’s the funniest member of BTS and so adorable – he’s the most underrated!” – Emily Ch’ng

“Yoongi from BTS. He’s just so cool and I love his rap style and personality” – Emma B

“Kim Namjoon – BTS (this doesn’t need explanation.
Everyone in ATEEZ and Monsta X” – Mrs A

“It’s the above same answer.” – MK

“BTS OT7, Hyunjin ( Stray Kids), Seongwha (Ateez) – They are all so incredible and they all manage to steal my heart 24/7 …” – Matilda

“namjoon and taehyung (BTS) – namjoon is just so smart and talented and his lyrics are genius and he really seems like a genuinely good person. i love how passionate tae is about art and music and the way he moves on stage and his VOICE; san (ATEEZ) – i mean just look at him; changkyun (monsta x) – a really good rapper and a sweetheart too; jeonghan and mingyu (seventeen) – i think it is impossible to have only one svt bias and here i guess i have at least five haha. RIP to jeonghan’s long hair, i pray it returns someday; changbin (stray kids) – bc he’s a great rapper / songwriter; moonbyul (mamamoo) – i just think she’s great :)” – Becca W

“Taehyung/V – BTS” – Asha

“BTS J-Hope, particularly his charisma when he dances and his humor / savageness, BTS Suga – savage humor and kind-heartedness (eve ifhe prefers to be more understated)” – Anonymous

“The rest of MX for the same reasons as above hahahaha” – Maria

“BTS Jimin – his captivating dancing, always giving his best performance, caring personality
BTS Jungkook – his determination, amazing vocals and personality” – Anonymous

“Yoohyeon of Dreamcatcher because she was really sweet when I went to the fansign (largely cos she is the best English speaker) plus her voice is amazing!
Also Xiaojun and Mark of NCT and if you don’t know why just look them up!!” – Daniel

“Jungkook- His interactions with his hyungs are very sweet, great voice. V- Cute personality. Suga- I mean, his way of dancing is pretty cute, very wise but also hilarious. All the rest of BTS really!” – Chloe

“Up10tion Gujin: I have no reasons why he just is. A really nice guy, really wholesome.
VIXX Hongbin: Was told by the CEO of Jellyfish that he wasnt good at singing and was only just a pretty face. Because of this he has always strived to improve and to do better whether thats singing, dancing, acting or generally as a person. Owns up to his mistakes fully and tries to bring the other members up any way he can. Also, probably one of the most successful fanboys ever, managing to get into the same company as his ultimate bias (Park Hyoshin) and is/was in the same group as the person who inspired him to become a singer (VIXX Ken).” – Lauren

“Jungkook ft all of BTS kkkkk
Jungkook because he’s also good at listening to people and situations. He’s also always trying to help, picking up and cleaning after everyone and to me that shows a deep level of respect for the people around you and good manners. Since we’re almost the same age I can relate to him a lot and I can see Him struggling with the same things that I struggle with. He’s also very intriguing because I feel like there’s a lot of things that we don’t know about him even though he seems to be an open book. When he got the tattoos to me it was so unexpected and I though hmmm there’s a lot of sides to his personality that we don’t know yet (ps the tattoos are nice). He’s a thoughtful individual always caring for the people around him.
All of Bangtan because well… they’re all thoughtful and caring. Biases only exist because you happen to relate to someone a bit more but honestly they all have my heart! They are all people who have a good balance of character, knowing when to compromise and stand up for themselves and I think that’s what makes Bangtan such a great group and one of the reasons they’re so successful.” – Larissa