Community Q&A: K-Pop Biases, Ultimate Biases & Bias Wreckers (August 2021)

Curious to know which K-Pop idols are the most popular biases in 2021 within the DGC community? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here we reveal the top biases including ultimate biases and bias wreckers 😂

Q: Who are your biases?


Suga from BTS is this year’s top bias! Followed by Jimin in second.

Top biases
1. Suga (BTS)
2. Jimin (BTS)
3. Jungkook (BTS)
3. Wonho
3. Yeonjun (TXT)


“Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and IM, basically the entirety of Monsta X because they are perfection both as artists and as human beings” – María

“Jimin,j-hope,Yeonjun,Taehyun,Niki. They are all amazing people, also without even knowing I always go for best dancers in a group😂” – Kamila T

“SUGA, RM, Chanyeol and Suho are always my biases! Such great performers and songwriters – will never have enough of them! And Momo from Twice since I’m a little bit in love with her. ” – Luce

“Seonghwa (Ateez)
Sehun (EXO)
Renjun (NCT Dream)
Mingi (Ateez)
DK (iKon)
Ken (Vixx)
Dongwoo (Infinite)
Giselle (Aespa)
I think they all just have something special that makes them standout! They’re all quite different from each other as well which makes them feel more unique.” – Katrina M

“WEi’s Yoo Yongha: his hair is so long and beautiful 😍 (and he is cute, hardworking, funny, and I relate to him a lot)
I have too many biases to list them all here! I even have a spreadsheet with sons I have in different rookie groups 😅” – Sas

“jimin hes amazin” – sammy

“Jhope – because he is just pure sunshine
Hwasa – she’s a Queen
Chungha – again a Queen and incredible singer
Momo – amazing Dancer and sweet (named my dog after her)
Rose – She’s so genuine and sweet
Joy – fell in love with her during bad boy era and just watched tempted as well ❤
Kai – He is also just genuine, kind hearted and very talented
To name a few :3 ” – Rebecca F

“JACKSON WANG – He’s an intelligent multi talented gorgeous sexy human being who loves his mum!!
WONHO – His thighs! hot damn!
TAEMIN – His androgynous look and pure star persona!
JIMIN – Tiny yet powerful performer with great hair!
JB(GOT7) – His face… nuff said haha!” – Jordan R

“Big Bang- G Dragon (Kwon Jiyong), BTS- Jimin (Park Jimin). I watched Jimin dance Serendipity at the O2 without ever seeing the dance on Youtube (i was just going with a friend) and was wowed by his beautiful dancing and unique voice. ” – Chloe W

“Girl groups such as Blackpink as I prefer more feminine soups” – L Wang

“Yoongi and Tae from BTS, Felix and I.N from Stray Kids, Jisoo from BlackPink, ” – Gemma M

“Solar from Mamamoo because she’s so incredibly talented
Chaeyoung from Twice because she’s also really talented and versatile but has a really soft energy
Ryujin from Itzy because she’s really really cool” – Tara

“Jungkook from BTS because he is the Golden Maknae and lead singer/center of BTS. He can do anything and everything (be it dancing, singing, rapping, modelling, painting, boxing…) and is the cutest human on the planet and so insanely good looking too! ” – Evelina K

“So my biases tend to revolve around the size of their nose and eyebrow technology. 😁
Yeonjun – TXT
Changkyun – Monsta X
Momo – Twice
Hongjoong – ATEEZ
Stray Kids – I’d prefer not to talk about it 😅😅😅
Solo – Mino, Wonho, Kang Daniel
Trot – Lee Chanwon
Of course there are many more, but I feel that it would be unfair to you to list them all. Haha” – Sam A

“Yoongi from BTS because he seems like a really mature, calm and chilled person. He seems to have a great outlook on the world that goes well with my personality and he is very open minded without judging people, he accepts people for who they are and that makes me feel safe. He seems to always strive to make a safe space for people to be themselves comfortably. He also speaks a lot about his flaws as a human and his battle with mental health and I think that’s really brave and relatable. He seems like a genuine, down to earth, kind hearted human. He has had a tremendous influence on my growth as a human in the past few years, by watching him and listening to his music I have come to better understand myself and feel comfortable in my own skin. I have had the courage to confront my past and become a better person, but most importantly I have learned through him how to forgive myself, have patience with myself and how to be a friend to myself.

Solar from Mamamoo. Solar has been very vocal about things that are important to her. She isn’t afraid to express her feelings and she has shared information about many causes like female genital mutilation, for example, which is not a cause a lot of people talk about, especially in the Kpop industry. She is a strong woman who is adventurous and quirky and mature and who is interested in learning new things. She is very much an advocate for women being able to be themselves and to be sexy if they want to and to be weird if they want to. In a concert once she danced to BTS’ Fire and at the end she ripped her shirt and threw it to the audience. For me this was a special moment. She said that men do it so why can’t women do it too? It looked so liberating. Her attitude and the way she dresses and holds herself unapologetically made me remember some parts of myself that I had lost that I want to regain. She has given me the confidence to begin dressing the way I want to again and she has made me realise that there are many different ways a woman can be strong.” – Larissa F

“Jungkook from BTS. He’s hilarious and seems like the kindest, purest soul. His talent and work ethic is out of this world and…..well he’s handsome as f*ck.” – Stéphanie B

“Namjoon, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jung Wooyoung, Jeong Yunho, Jay Park (Enhypen), Bangchan, Felix, Cha Eunwoo, Sana (Twice), Lisa (Blackpink), IU, Kai (Exo), Yeonjun (txt), Wonho, Chungha, ” – SS

“Onew from SHINee because his voice is so smooth :-)” – Lily A

“All of Seventeen at this point ~ they’re all stupidly talented, funny and loveable!” – Ruthio

“J-Hope from BTS, Yunho from Ateez, Hwasa from Mamamoo, Kai from Exo, Key from ShiNee” – Carmen V

“Skz Han jisung, bts kim taehyung” – Anonymous

“Bangchan (Stray Kids)
Suga (BTS)
Vernon (Seventeen)
Yuchan (A.C.E)
Ryujin (ITZY)
Hongjoong (ATEEZ)
Hyungwon (MONSTA X)
Bambam (GOT7 / Soloist)
Sana (TWICE)” – Emma B

“Yuri (izone), Hayoung (fromis), Yeji (itzy) -> coz they cute, Yena (izone) -> she can pull of any concept, her hair is always perfect and she’s got a touching story” – Cheng P

“2NE1, Sistar: as I’ve said many times before the 2nd generation groups are/were a big influence as I got into K-pop around 2008-09 as a module I did in my first MA at SOAS was specifically focused on the pop music scene of East Asia. Then around 2013-14 when I started to integrate K-pop dance into my broader dance portfolio (and connecting with DGC of course!) so the sounds from that period simply had a great resonance for me ever since. ” – Raymond S

“MIN YOONGI (suga) because he is just so talented and sweet and he puts so much love and effort into making music, I really admire him; Hyunjin (from Stray Kids) because he is an incredible dancer and I love his hair; Hongjoong (from ATEEZ) because he’s a brilliant rapper and songwriter and he’s so fierce for someone so tiny; Vernon (from Seventeen) because he’s just very endearing; Hwasa (from Mamamoo) because she’s so confident and an incredible dancer and her stage presence is breathtaking; Yeonjun (from TXT) (HOW DID I FORGET YEONJUN) because he’s such a star performer and seems like so much fun to be around” – Becca W

“Jin & Suga (BTS), Seunghee (CLC), Chaeyoung (Twice)” – Leah S

“SUGA, NCT Haechan because he is a great dancer with lots of techniques, smooth moves and he’s got a sweet voice, his voice is peculiar, veru noticeable their songs” – AV

“Irene (Red Velvet), Mina (Twice), Sua (Dreamcatcher), Taeil (NCT), Xiumin (EXO), Jimin (BTS), Taeyeon, Chungha, Kang Daniel, Miyeon (G-IDLE), DK (Seventeen),Chaeryeong (ITZY), Onda (Everglow), Jinsoul (Loona), Rose (Blackpink) ” – Daniel

“Namjoon from BTS for his intellect, a shared sense of the beautiful and the artistic and how much he appreciates alone time. His mixtape mono got me through the toughest parts of my third year of Uni and motivated me to push through to see them live on Wembley.
DK from Seventeen because of his sense of humour and undeniably good voice.
Han from Stray Kids because he is hella funny, his raps are impeccable, his chemistry with Changbin and Chan makes me wanna join a rap group, and he had me with that ONE jump from Victory Song 😂
I.M. from Monsta X. That one cover of Dean’s song, instagram. That’s all it took.” – Ruxandra M

“All of Oneus (Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, Xion), BTS – Jungkook, Monsta X – Jooheon. (All of MX and BTS though ofc). Can I add Se7en as he was the original bias (and reason the love for kpop exists). ” – Leanne N

Q: Who is your ultimate bias? (And why?)


For the 2nd year running, Suga was the most popular ultimate bias!

Top ultimate biases
1. Suga (BTS)
2. Jimin (BTS)
3. J-Hope (BTS)
3. Jin (BTS)
3. Jungkook (BTS)
3. Shownu (Monsta X)


“Shownu, I mean have you seen the man? The way he dances? His silky voice? His face? His arms? His eyes? The way he smiles? He is God’s gift to mankind really” – María

“Jimin, he’s just amazing human being. So nice and caring, he deserves the world.” – Kamila T

“SUGA always. Yoongi’s written so many of my favourite songs, and I love how open and honest he is in his writing and just in general. He seems very emotionally aware which I respect a lot.” – Luce

“It’s between Seonghwa and Sehun! There’s just something special about them, they both have deepish voices, they both have soft cute personalities & they’re both multitalented, but often aren’t recognised for that!” – Katrina M

“OT7 Monsta X and OT9 Cravity. I know I’m greedy for having 16 ults, but all of them are so amazing, talented, funny, cute, hardworking, honest, and humble and they adore their fans so much 🥺💖 I love the bond the members share with each other, they truly feel like a family ♡ ” – Sas

“jimin hes so talented ” – sammy

“Hwasa – she is who she is with no apologies! She’s strong and sets her own standards! She is everything i aspire to be as a person! With all the stigma and negativity she received she slayed them all! She is by far one of the most incredible people on this planet for simply being herself. Plus her voice is heaven! When her and Wheein harmonise! Bliss! ” – Rebecca F

“JACKSON WANG!! Because he’s JACKSON fendiman WANG!” – Jordan R

“Big Bang- G Dragon, the charisma on stage is undeniable. Also that shy smile! ” – Chloe W

“Blackpink of course but Chungha as a solo artist is pretty good too” – L Wang

“Yoongi from BTS! I can relate to him to much! He’s so talented, and even with his sometimes stubborn exterior he has a heart of gold! He’s not scared to talk about mental health struggles either which I think is a wonderful thing to be able to do! Plus he’s BEAUTIFUL to look at! ” – Gemma M

“Solar because she’s really talented and a lot of Mamamoo’s tracks speak to me personally.” – Tara

“All members of BTS – because they are the best!!!! They are kings of the whole music industry! 6 weeks at No1 – Billboard Hot 100!!! Wow!” – Evelina K

“Yeonjun – amazing dancer, visuals, singer, rapper, personality. Literal perfection and HAVE YOU SEEN HIS LIPS?? Enough said.” – Sam A

“Yoongi from BTS. You know those kinds of people that only come once in a lifetime? I feel that for me that’s Yoongi. He has had such a good influence on me and has made me see the world anew. Despite feeling safe being an important thing, there are very few people in this world that truly make you feel safe, like you can show them your ugly side too. I don’t know Yoongi but he and BTS have created a safe space where I can be myself fully. And he has shown me that I can carry that safe space with me everywhere I go. At the end of the day, being happy with one’s self is the most important thing. I feel like we’ve had similar journeys in life and so no matter where I go I know that there’s someone out there in the world, even if they’re miles away and even if they don’t even know who I am, there’s someone who understands how I feel, and so I don’t feel as lonely anymore.” – Larissa F

“Jung Wooyoung because he is a phenomenal dancer, extremely charismatic, and seems like a cool person. Jay Park (Enhypen) because he is a great all rounder and was funny in I-land. And Jungkook because he’s perfect. ” – SS

“I have 3 ~ Dino (Seventeen) and Sejeong & Nayoung (Gugudan) ~ I don’t know if I can give a particular reason other than I love them and think they’re amazing! (I miss Gugudan 😭)” – Ruthio

“Jung Hoseok, for his shiny personality, work ethic, fantastic dancing abilities and rapping skills” – Carmen V

“Skz Han jisung for being the ultimate ace of kpop; this guy can literally do it all ” – Anonymous

“Bangchan from Stray kids – I think he’s really inspirational and such a good human being. He’s so supportive of his members and of other groups in the KPOP industry. He works so hard in every aspect and helps to produce, write lyrics, arrange and compose all songs by Stray Kids. He’s very honest about the troubles he goes through and tries to help anyone and everyone who asks. He’s a great role model and someone I look up to in terms of work ethic and as a human” – Emma B

“Yuri (izone) -> coz she’s cute, bratty and I love her Busan satoori” – Cheng P

“There are too many talents and wonderful songs and dance routines to single out just one :-)” – Raymond S

“YOONGIIIII for all the reasons above and more – he seems like a very genuine person and I admire that he’s such a good dancer now when he only joined BTS to be a rapper and producer and was promised he wouldn’t have to dance; I listen to his solo mixtapes (as Agust D) almost every day because they’re just so good; he’s also just very cool, and he’s a constant source of hair inspiration for me haha” – Becca W

“Don’t make me pick between Jin & Suga!! Personality, talent, looks, the whole package!” – Leah S

“SUGA, I had already wrote an essay about him to you haha. But as a summary, he is a genius” – AV

“Irene of Red Velvet because she is an incredible dancer (watch the Naughty or Monster choreo if you dont believe me) she’s also an underrated singer. Plus she’s hilarious and loves ironing!!!” – Daniel

“Jimin from BTS. I still cannot watch any new choreography he does without crying. There is something so touching and inspiring about his commitment to his artform. I think he inspired me not only to start dancing, but also to be a more dedicated friend, investing more time in my close circle and showing affection more. ” – Ruxandra M

“Leedo (Kim Geonhak) from Oneus. His first impression is a deep voiced rapper who loves to work out, but he is deep down big softie who cares a lot about others and is ridiculously shy. He first caught my eye as a great dancer and performer. Originally a main rapper in the group he now has as many vocal lines as he does rapping (He stepped in on music shows when lead vocalist Seoho was injured during ASWE era), he also has multiple writing credits to his name.
He is truely an allrounder idol who proves that with hard work you can achieve anything.
(I was also lucky enough to win a virtual fansign so we could be shy and awkward at each other for a whole minute.)” – Leanne N

Q: Who are your bias wreckers? (And why?)


Once again, the golden maknae of BTS, Jungkook, stole the most hearts followed by V / Taehyung.

Top bias wreckers
1. Jungkook (BTS)
2. V / Taehyung (BTS)
3. J-Hope (BTS)
3. Jimin (BTS)
3. RM / Namjoon (BTS)


“I would have to say Kihyun, he is my bias but he still manages to wreck me every day” – María

“Namjoon, he’s a lovely person and will make a perfect husband 😊” – Kamila T

“My answer would usually be Jungkook & Baekhyun (which they still are), but J-Hope’s really been having his moment for this past year.” – Luce

“All of Ateez- because they’re Ateez, you can’t really be an Atiny if you’re not constantly bias wrecked by one of them!
Chanyeol and Xiumin- I honestly can’t explain why they bias wreck me, I think it’s because they remind me of a puppy in Chanyeol’s case & a kitten for Xiumin” – Katrina M

“jungkook talented” – sammy

“Jungkook and Jimin :3 do I need a why! You’ve seen them right!? 😂 ” – Rebecca F

“Hwasa – She’s so pretty!
Jungkook – Too many explanations to list here.
CL – Fire personality!
Yoongi – Deep soul that needs a cuddle haha.” – Jordan R

“All other members of BTS because their interactions are so sweet! ” – Chloe W

“All BTS members, Constantly wrecking me on the daily! They bring so much love and joy and individuality! Each member brings something else to the party and I love that about them! They make you feel like they love you just as much as you love them! ” – Gemma M

“Hah! everyone in Mamamoo – I find it very hard to not switch biases with them because they’re all so talented and unique and their music has so much soul.
Lately, Nayeon from Twice because she’s so confident. Her energy is almost the opposite of Chaeyoung’s. ” – Tara

“J-Hope from BTS because he has an amazing stage presence, he is an incredible hip hop dancer and also can do other styles just as well, he is the dance leader of BTS, he is always happy, funny and can rap and sing extremely well too! He is obviously very good looking too! ” – Evelina K

“Namjoon, Minhyuk, someone I don’t like to talk about (for my own sanity) in SK and basically all of ATEEZ” – Sam A

“The rest of BTS and Mamamoo. All of them are really great people who have created a safe space and who are all really genuine and kind people who have shown me true friendship does exist and that if you work at relationships you can build something really special. Both groups are just themselves and there’s no drama and they all treat each other with respect and kindness. All of them are just stellar people who I would love to be friends with, I can’t pick just one person, it’s hard enough picking a bias!” – Larissa F

“Taehyung and Jimin. And Wooyoung from Ateez. Their character is close to mine and they’re funny and kind. And again….so handsome :’(” – Stéphanie B

“Lee Heeseung because he’s is good at everything and a fantastic centre. Momo (Twice) because she is very eye-catching when she dances. Jihyo (Twice) because her confidence is attractive. ” – SS

“N/A ~ I don’t get wrecked cos I love all members of the groups I follow!” – Ruthio

“Kim Seokjin, for his perfect looks and insane stage presence ” – Carmen V

“Jhope for being an insane dancer, skz changbin cuz he may be one of the best rappers in kpop right now, jungkook .. the tattoos are just” – Anonymous

“V and Jungkook from BTS. I’ve biased them both previously and I think I’ll always bias them in some form!” – Emma B

“Jiheon (fromis) -> her eye smile, Hyewon (izone) -> she’s always really clueless, which is cute” – Cheng P

“hmmm….another one that’s difficult to answer! Perhaps because I have a wide dance (and music0 remit, reducing things in this way doesn’t come easy to me…..” – Raymond S

“Namjoon (an incredibly talented rapper and a brilliant leader) and Taehyung (his voice is so so stunning and he always looks like he’s having the BEST time on stage performing) but also every member of BTS because they’re all so incredibly talented and have brought me so much happiness; Felix and Bangchan from Stray Kids because who doesn’t love an Australian accent (and Felix looks far too tiny and elf-like to have such a deep voice); Mingi and San from ATEEZ because Mingi is such a great rapper and San is an incredible dancer; Jeonghan and Minghao from Seventeen because… idk I just like them haha; Moonbyul from Mamamoo because she’s just very cool and I think we’d be friends” – Becca W

“Every other member. If you don’t love them all, what’s the point in stanning?!” – Leah S

“Jimin, he’s got a special aura and looks unreal when you see him for real” – AV

“Yoohyeon of Dreamcatcher because she’s an incredible singer and also having met her in person she’s really sweet and speaks very good English!!
Also Olivia Hye and Heejin from Loona because they look stunning, both can dance and sing really well. ” – Daniel

“Ugh, Taehyung from BTS 😂 I’m still not over Singularity (I’m still not over all of LY: Tear tbh) or that one fancam from the Attack on Bangtan dance break.
He is gorgeous, with a unique voice and sensibility, and the persona he has built for the stage is mesmerising. Singularity was the first choreography I tried to learn by myself and knowing how much effort he put in to become such a good dancer has both comforted and motivated me.
Generally, all of Seventeen bias wreck me with each new MV, but Vernon, Hoshi and Jeonghan bias wreck me every time they’re on camera anywhere 😂
All of Monsta X. They’re basically everything a bias wrecker needs be 😂” – Ruxandra M

“All of Oneus ( Ravn, Seoho, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, Xion). They are all individually so talented, but their teamwork is what sets them apart. They all help each other to improve and every single one of them is multi talented in dance, vocal and rapping. (even Maknae Xion). They do not have defined roles in the group and they do not have a leader. They each take responsibility for areas they are strong in.
They are known for being polite and lovely people. (To the point that a mini series was devised to purposely try and make them angry)
I also have to include their brother group Onewe (a band) in this, as both groups spend a lot of time together and work with each other to make each other better. Xion (Son Dongju) has a twin brother Son Dongmyeong who is in Onewe.

BTS – Jungkook. I don’t feel like there is must left to say about why Jungkook would be a bias wrecker. Super Talented, but also gracious.

Monsta X – Jooheon. Not only one of the best rappers out there, but also has the most amazing vocals, can dance like a king and is a lovely person. Such an inspiration. ” – Leanne N