Reasons why you should come to see the next DGC Dance Show!

We’re never waiting long until the next hottest K-Pop dance event of the year hits Stratford Circus Arts Centre again – that’s right, it’s almost time for our next DGC Dance Show!

After our stellar sell out showcases last year, DGC Dance are back once more with a showcase that’s bigger than ever, with over 70 dancers taking part. Twice a year, our students will debut everything they’ve learnt over the last few months in what is already shaping up to be another great showcase judging from the rehearsals.

If 2 and a half hours of pure K-Pop wasn’t enough to convince you to get a ticket right now (And I’d move soon, because they sell out fast!) then here’s some reasons you should come down and see the show.

Your favourite songs live

We’ll be bringing you the latest K-Pop tunes from the last year – artists TXT, Chung Ha, Ateez, Somi, BTS, Twice and more. You’ll get to see your favourite songs performed live, and you might even discover a new song you love!

The atmosphere

The performers in DGC showcases put 110% of their energy into their dances, and the audience give their enthusiasm, singing and screams in return. There are no words to describe how electric, special and supportive the atmosphere is during a showcase – you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

To use your lightsticks

Got your Army Bomb lying around your house, waiting to be used? Are your Mondoongies and Ahgabongs collecting dust on a shelf? Bring it to the showcase and light up Stratford Circus Arts Centre with your lightsticks along with everyone else – it’s value for money on both your ticket price and your lightstick.

The outfits

From leather harnesses and lace, to yellow neon and sticks as props, a DGC Dance Showcase is full of the most interesting and current fashion trends from the K-Pop scene. A lot of the outfits you’ll see are customised or hand-made by our dancers too – we’ve got a multi-talented bunch!

For inspiration

Wanting to film your own performances? Attending the dance show is a great way to get inspiration for any performances you may be doing. And while you’re at it, you can check out our YouTube channel for the music video covers we produce – some are already released for dances being performed at the showcase, so you have an idea of what is to come.

Cheaper than a real K-Pop concert

With an average ticket for a K-Pop concert being £100 nowadays, we think our tickets are a bargain. You’re getting about 16 more acts at 1/8th of the price. It would be rude not to, really!

See what DGC Dance is all about

If you’re new to the K-Pop dance scene and you’re not sure where to start, coming to our showcase is a great way to see what it’s all about and to get a feel of the kinds of songs we teach. To give you a hint though – it’s very varied, so there’s bound to be something for you. 

To practice your fan-chants

A DGC showcase is the only place you’ll find fan-chants screamed so passionately other than at a group’s concert. Come to the showcase and practice them so you’re word perfect for the next time you see your favourite group in concert.

To meet like-minded people

Everyone there has one common interest – they either love K-Pop or they know someone who loves it. It’s a brilliant way to meet new people, discuss biases, and maybe start your own cover group!

We can think of 1001 more reasons you should come to our showcase, but hopefully these have convinced you enough to buy a ticket to our next K-Pop dance show. It’s set to be a special night, and we’d love to have you there.

Check out our past dance shows here!

Written by Jessica Tansley

Jess is the token Northerner of DGC and professional ‘fan chanter’, after learning every fanchant for DGC15 and shouting them louder than the music… When she’s not in class or talking about her love for Jungkook (BTS), Jihyo (Twice) and Chung Ha, you’ll find her twirling her way through a Disney theme park in a polka dot dress, arranging a Cappella music and on Instagram at @Jiehsikahhh