DGC Dance Cover: Stray Kids – My Pace

If you found yourself on Trafalgar Square on a bank holiday Monday afternoon you probably wouldn’t expect to see 9 people dressed in football gear dancing to K-Pop. I am sure the BBC’s The One Show crew didn’t expect that either. However, they we were very eager to film us for their show. Release forms were signed and we started warming up.  

In the past, DGC Dance has filmed many covers in public places but being in the middle of a crowded Trafalgar Square ready to dance to My Pace made my heart skip a beat. Once the music started though, our bodies immediately moved to the familiar choreo we had danced dozens of times until then. Blasting My Pace through the Bluetooth speakers managed to gather a big audience around us who ended up cheering for us and giving us energy to continue through the demanding choreo.  

Keenan filmed and edited the video in a one-take style, with the DGC dancers focused on showcasing the choreo of the song, making this cover more close to the popular K-Pop in public videos than our usual DGC covers. Since I was part of this cover, I have to applaud the people involved (Arianne, Ash, Catherine, Emma, Hannah, Lora, Mikey and Veronika) on their performance, as this was more of a sprint filming (unlike our usual DGC filming style), since we had to dance the whole choreo multiple times without breaks in a very short period of time. However, the results show that the DGC dancers can really do justice to any song under any circumstances. 

You can watch the full video here: 

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Written by Veronica Morfi

V, a regular member of DGC Dance for over 3 years, is known as DGC’s “team investigator” because she is the go-to person who knows everything about everything and everyone in DGC. 🙂 When V is not dancing at DGC she is most likely playing Dungeons & Dragons or stalking idol groups online while doing her day job where she is known as Dr. V (PhD, not the medical type). She performed her first DGC Dance shows in dance covers of GOT7 ‘Hard Carry’ and Infinite ‘The Eye’. You can find her on Instagram at @veronicamorfi or you can come dance with her at the latest DGC classes!