DGC Dance’s Top 7 Bubble Tea Flavours


Written by Tash

If there’s one thing us DGC-ers know, it’s that there’s nothing more refreshing after a long dance session than an ice-cold bubble tea. Especially on pre-show rehearsal days when you’re dancing more than one song! With so many flavours to choose from, here is our DGC Dance community’s Top 7 Favourite Bubble Tea Flavours as voted by you!

7. Fruity

While there are a couple of specific favourite fruit flavours (more of that in a moment), this category includes the less widely popular (but still loved) fruity flavours like Peach Green Tea, Lychee and Strawberry. While they didn’t reel in the majority of the votes, they’ll always have loyal fans.

6. Jasmine Milk

This Green Milk tea is known for its fragrant floral notes and delicate flavour. Clearly our students have very good taste.

5. Honeydew Melon / Peach

While the other fruits had the odd fan here and there, both Honeydew and Peach Bubble Tea tied for fifth place with significantly more votes. Now if only the Instagram-famous double split bubble tea cup would come to England!

4. Mango

If there’s an undisputed champion of the fruit category of bubble tea, it’s definitely Mango! Whether milk or clear juice tea is better though is still hotly debated. What do you think?

3. Taro

Arguably the most visually iconic of the bubble teas, Taro is a type of yam that’s naturally purple (of course Taro Bubble Tea will have a little extra colouring in it to give it a boost but shhh, that doesn’t matter). With its sweet, mildly malty flavour, it’ll always be a flavour high on any bubble tea list.

2. Matcha Milk

The food scene has gone completely crazy for Matcha over the past couple of years, and it’s not hard to see why: the smoothly bitter taste of this ground Japanese Green Tea is transformed with sugar and milk. Plus the colour is fabulous. Die-hard Matcha fans also like it without milk and sugar, but the sweet milky version will always be the near-winner. So what is the actual winner? There can only be one…

1. Original Milk Tea

It’s the one and only Original Milk Tea! It slowly but surely made its way across the globe from Taiwan since the 80’s and the whole world hasn’t looked back since. Naturally it scored the highest with us bubble tea aficionados.

So raise your wide-strawed cups to everyone’s favourite intriguingly chewy drink! Whether it’s milk, fruit, half ice or hot, there’s something for everyone. Cheers!

Tash is an avid writer, baker & food blogger and has been a regular at DGC for a few years now. You can follow her on Instagram @_tashcakes_ and her website with weekly original recipes at www.tashcakes.com.