DGC Dance Show 20

DGC Dance celebrates our 20th K-Pop dance showcase!!

Back and better than ever, we’re thrilled to announce our monumental 20th bi-annual K-Pop dance showcase, gracing the stage this autumn 2023 in the heart of London!

An evening filled with live K-Pop dance performances awaits, featuring our brilliant cast of over 100 students. 38 dancers will be making their dazzling debut on our stage, while many familiar faces are making their grand comeback to steal the spotlight once more. From the powerful beats of BTS’s “ON” to Stray Kids’ irresistible “S-Class,” and the charm of (G)I-DLE’s “Queencard” – we’re cranking up the volume for a dance party you won’t forget!

Don’t miss out – get your tickets early. Please come show your support and come join the fun! And remember to grab your light sticks and get those fan chants ready, because this showcase isn’t just about watching – it’s about diving right into the K-Pop wave! Let’s create an atmosphere that’s buzzing with excitement, where fans, friends, and families come together in a shared love for music, dance, and a darn good time.

LINE UP (Running order)

1. (G)I-DLE – Queencard
Dancers: Annie, Indra, Kathy, Linh, Marta

2. Stray Kids – S-Class
Dancers: Charlotte P, Cherise, Emma B, Ewan, Grace, Javier, Marion, Sara C

3. Mamamoo – gogobebe
Dancers: Alicia, Lauren, Mikhai, Sevasti

4. Red Velvet – Psycho
Dancers: Emily H, Kim, Renz, Ruby, Yael

5. ATEEZ – Halazia
Dancers: Camille, Carrie, Chloe, Chriszelle, Jess P, Marta, Richie, Sarah T

6. Twice – Set Me Free
Dancers: Anna C, Emma H, Gemma, Grace, Harriet, Kiah, Lizzie, Monica, Tara

7. Le Sserafim – Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife
Dancers: Emma B, Laura S, Sabrina, Yvonne, Zoe

8. XG – Shooting Star
Dancers: Ariane B, Kianna, Laura L, Su, Wilma

9. Taemin – Criminal
Dancers: Emily C, James, Jess C, Lauren, Sara S

10. IVE – I Am
Dancers: Irene, Monica, Ruby, Sam, Sarah F, Scarlet

11. TXT – Sugar Rush Ride
Dancers: Alejandro, Carrie, Ewan, Natalie, Tereza

12. Seventeen – Super
Dancers: Alicia, Arianne C, Cherise, Jade, Javier, Jess D, Julia M, Julia P, Kaho, Kerry, Kiah, Maria, Sara C, Saskiana, Sorfina, Tina, Veronika H, Zoe

*** INTERVAL ***

13. XG – Tippy Toes
Dancers: Alex, Alina, Camille Chloe, Scarlet, Vanessa, Wilma

14. Twice – I Can’t Stop Me
Dancers: Carina, Marta, Miranda, Reona, Simran, Soo-Jin, Su, Yael, Yvonne

15. ATEEZ – Answer
Dancers: Barbara, Cherise, Fatou, Jemima H, Jess P, Kaho, Laura M, Richie

16. Dreamcatcher – Scream
Dancers: Caroline, Emma B, Henan, Kerry, Mia A, Saskiana, Veronica M

17. BTS – Go Go
Dancers: Becca, Carwyn, Charlotte S, Harriet, Manasvi, Natalie, Sevasti

18. IVE – Kitsch
Dancers: Indra, Julia P, Kathleen, Margarida, Ruby, Yu Yeung

19. Kai – Rover
Dancers: Chloe, Kathy, Kianna, Linda Sabrina

20. Seventeen – Don’t Wanna Cry
Dancers: Camille, Emma B, James, Javier, Jemima B, Jess C, Mia L, Saskiana, Terrence, Tristan

21. Le Sserafim – Unforgiven
Dancers: Claire, Jasmine, Linh, Nunzia, Vanessa

22. XG – Left Right
Dancers: Ana P, Ariane B, Laura S, Miranda, Sarah K, Sophia, Tori

23. BTS – ON
Dancers: Carina, Charlotte S, Cherise, Elod, Frieda, Indra, Jade, Joeley, Linda, Margarida, Natalie, Sara S, Tereza, Tina, Victoria

DATE: Saturday 21st October, 4.30pm

> Doors open approx 4pm. Show starts 4.30pm, with interval halfway, and finishes approx 6.55pm

VENUE: Greenwood Theatre (King’s College London), 55 Weston St, London SE1 3RA

Nearest stations: London Bridge

Directions: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/greenwood/contact


Age guidance: If you are bringing children, they must be aged 3 or above to attend the dance show.

Face coverings: We recommend all audience members wear a face covering throughout their visit, but this is a personal choice.

Some performances from our past shows:

What people have said about our past shows:

This is my third show attendance and DGC just keep on improving – can’t wait to the next show already!

All around step up from last year. The MC was great, all the acts were polished and everyone performed with high energy! Again, great communication between organisers and dancers. All those who worked ‘behind the scenes’ made the day run so smoothly – so grateful to them all!!

Overall the dancing is amazing. It is truly inspirational hearing that most of the performers didn’t even know how to dance and now they are experts! It is also great that DGC brings up the buzz about K-Pop music and gets a community of fans together to enjoy a day of dance.

All the runners, every single person who helped in the event were pro-active, friendly and fantastic. The audience were such a great crowd!!!!!! Interactive and engaging. Keep up the good work!

I thought everyone did a great job! The MC was fantastic! Very likeable and entertaining. Show structure was great too. 3h just flew by

For me this was the second show and I have seen a huge improvement in the performers and the way the show was organised. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next show !!

Was an amazing show. I’ve never been to a KPOP concert, but this show was a good enough replacement for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I now want to join in the action. Hahaha. Keep up the great work guys. Fighting~ God bless.

Keeps getting better every time, great organisation!

It was top! Definitely want to come again ^^

Great! BEST SHOW YET!!! As better acts and standard and more fun!!!!! XD

Atmosphere is always a lot of fun!

I totally enjoyed the whole experience!! Keep up the good work!

Great show, lots of brilliant performers and well organised!


Age guidance: If you are bringing children, they must be aged 3 or above to attend the dance show.