DGC Dance Show 21

DGC Dance is back celebrating our 21st bi-annual K-pop dance showcase this spring 2024!!

We have 21 acts for our 21st bi-annual K-Pop dance showcase in London! 100 of our students and instructors will be making a comeback or debut 🙂

Don’t miss out – get your tickets early. Please come show your support and come join the fun!


LINE UP (Running order)

1. Twice – More & More
Dancers: Anna, Emma Boynton, Emma Harcourt, Grace, Hannah de Guzman, Katryn, Laura Gretton, Laura Summers, Marta

2. Seventeen – God of Music
Dancers: Arianne, Camille, Javier, Jemima, Saskiana, Su, Terrence, Tristan, Yvonne

3. TXT – Chasing That Feeling
Dancers: Chloe, Ewan, Linda, Sarah Franchuk, Zoe

4. Jung Kook – 3D
Dancers: Andria, Anne, Carrie, Charlotte, Lauren, Natalie, Tina

5. KANGDANIEL – Paranoia
Dancers: Fatou, Frieda, Hannah Day, Isabella, Leanne, Sara Cecatiello, Yael

6. Le Sserafim – Perfect Night
Dancers: Dani, Iris, Monica, Simran, Yvonne

7. XG – TGIF
Dancers: Alicia, Annabel, Aoife, Claire, Emily Highfield, Laura Summers, Mia

8. BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears
Dancers: Emily Ch’ng, Emma Becirovic, Linda, Mrinal, Sam Axelson, Samantha Graham, Sara Sampieri

9. ATEEZ – Bouncy
Dancers: Jess, Kaho, Marta, Richie, Sacha, Sarah Terrando, Sophia (Mia) Rasheed, Yara

10. RIIZE – Siren
Dancers: HaYeon, Jemima, Poppy, Scarlet, Sophia Ma

11. Pentagon – Sha La La
Dancers: Caroline, Dickie, Emma Boynton, Henan, Kerry, Mia, Saskiana

*** INTERVAL ***

12. Taemin – Move
Dancers: Alex, Camille, Emily Ch’ng, Marion, Sherry, Tara, Yael

13. Twice – Cry For Me
Dancers: Anna, Claire, Gemma, Grace, Laura Summers, Simran, Soo-Jin, Su, Yvonne

14. BTS – Silver Spoon
Dancers: Carrie, Emily Highfield, Isabella, Jankhana, Monica, Natalie, Tina

15. aespa – Drama
Dancers: Annabel, Annie, Giang, Henan, Kemi, Maya, Sarah Franchuk, Tammy

16. ATEEZ – Say My Name
Dancers: Amanda, Asli, Cherise, Fatou, Jess, Kaho, Richie

17. NCT 127 – Fact Check
Dancers: Camilla, Elod, Emilia, Javier, Jemima, Linda, Sara Cecatiello, Savannah, Yara

18. Twice – Fancy
Dancers: Akshaya, Clara, Jenny, Kianna, Lizzie, Margarida, Mikhai, Sarah Terrando, Seda

19. NewJeans – Super Shy
Dancers: Dani, Emily Highfield, Emma Harcourt, Su, Vanessa

20. ENHYPEN – Sweet Venom
Dancers: Annie, Claire, Gabriella, Terrence, Trang, Tristan, Yael

21. Stray Kids – LALALALA
Dancers: Camille, Cherise, Emma Boynton, Ewan, Fatou, Grace, Javier, Sherry


DATE: Sunday 28th April 2024, 4.45pm

> Doors open approx 4pm/4.15pm. Show starts 4.45pm, with interval halfway, and finishes approx 6.55pm

VENUE: Greenwood Theatre (King’s College London), 55 Weston St, London SE1 3RA

Nearest stations: London Bridge

Directions: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/greenwood/contact

Age guidance: If you are bringing children, they must be aged 3 or above to attend the dance show.

Face coverings: We recommend all audience members wear a face covering throughout their visit, but this is a personal choice.