“Joining DGC Dance is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Hi everyone, it’s Uyen here! I hope you’ve all had a great time off relaxing and recovering from the intense period of dancing! In this blog, I’ll be sharing about my experiences since joining DGC Dance. I hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂

“What I enjoy most is teaching studio classes.”

I’m pretty new at DGC Dance both as a student and instructor. I took a few studio classes around November – December 2020 and officially joined in June 2021 as an instructor after waiting six months due to lockdown. My first impressions of DGC Dance were friendliness and passion for K-pop (which is quite hard to find in Western countries). I knew immediately after taking the classes that the environment here is very nice and I want to be part of the community as soon as possible.

I joined DGC Dance with no teaching experience and so I was initially very worried whether I’d be able to do the job. Thankfully, DGC Dance gave me the opportunity and even provided me with teaching training which has since really boosted my confidence and teaching skills a lot.

DGC Dance is also very flexible and understanding. I only get to teach songs / dances that I like which is great as my dance style is very hip-hop based and boy-ish. I get to choose which dates of the week I want to teach, how much I want to teach each month, and I can always scale down if things get busy with work and personal life. This is very important to me as I really value having a work-dance-life balance. On top of this, DGC Dance always makes me feel comfortable to speak up if there are any issues or concerns.

Of course, what I enjoy most is teaching studio classes. Nothing compares to the feeling of dancing in person with everyone, seeing everyone having fun and just completely let go with the music!

Stray Kids – Back Door class video

“The community at DGC Dance is honestly amazing!”

I thought I was quite a hardcore K-pop fan until I joined DGC Dance, haha! Everyone at DGC Dance is so much more knowledgeable and up-to-date with K-pop. I’m pretty old-school and only ever liked one group: Big Bang. Since joining DGC Dance, I got to know so many more groups and soloists that I otherwise would never have noticed such as TEN (WayV), TXT and Stray Kids.

All jokes aside, the community at DGC Dance is honestly amazing! Everyone is so nice, friendly and I have made so many new friends that I feel like I have finally found my tribe in England. This means a lot to me as I live far away from home and having a community that I can connect with and who I feel like I belong to helps with homesickness a lot.

Joining DGC Dance is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I’m forever grateful for everyone and every opportunity I have here. I also really enjoyed all the socials we’ve had together. Let’s keep dancing together and I cannot wait to make new memories with everyone! <3

Filming Blackpink – How You Like That dance cover (Uyen – on right hand side)

Written by Uyen Le

Uyen is from Vietnam and has been living in the UK since 2014. She started dancing when she was a teenager focusing mainly on hip-hop & street dance. The group that got her into Kpop was Big Bang where she was (probably still is) crazily obsessed with G-Dragon. Besides teaching, she enjoys trying out different dance styles (eg. popping, locking, waacking), creating choreography, obsessing over some dramas and discovering food places (a big foodie too!). Feel free to say hello / connect with her at @uyenlex 🙂